Agricultural pests commonly found in Hong Kong為新一代農民提供互動及可持續的平台

CUHK Agro-pedia Sharing Session 香港農害小百科分享會
Date: Mar 9, 2022 06:39 PM Hong Kong SAR Meeting

About the Project 計劃背景

An interactive and sustainable platform for new farmers (Phase I): agricultural pests commonly found in Hong Kong” (SADF 0024) is an e-platform project funded by Sustainable Agricultural Development Fund.

The project aims to provide an interactive and sustainable electronic platform, which is about agricultural pests commonly found in Hong Kong, for new farmers. By making observations for two consecutive years (from 2020-2021), pests found in agricultural products in Hong Kong and the types of edible plants where they inhabit in various farms will be identified and recorded during different seasons. In addition, the findings of the survey and other related information (including methods for pest control) will be uploaded to a free and public interactive platform (i.e website and mobile apps).

「為新農民提供互動及可持續的平台 (第一階段):香港農業常見的害蟲」(SADF 0024) 是一個由農業持續發展基金資助的電子平台項目。


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