Species Nomination for EBPHK

Biodiversity forms the foundation of the vast array of ecosystem services that critically contribute to human well-being. Understanding the biodiversity on Earth is more than just scientific interests, as it can also inform how to maximise the utilisation of its resources in a sustainable way.

Earth BioGenome Project: Hong Kong (EBPHK) aims to sequence genomes of local animals, plants, and fungi. Revealing the genomes of all animals, fungi, and plants in different parts in the world, including Hong Kong, will form an informative base to solve many current issues in the human society. Such benefits could range from increasing the understanding of how biodiversity is evolving under climate change, conservation of endangered species, provision of ecosystem services, to discovering of hidden biological knowledge for new technological inventions and development, as well as a sustainable future. This project is both scientifically and socially important.

At the start point of the project, we will focus on the organisms that are in high concern and great interest in Hong Kong. You are invited to tell what species or which group of organisms you are interested in!

*** Every reply would help improve our project performance! ***


  “地球生物基因組計劃:香港” 致力於對本地之動物、植物和真菌進行基因測序。通過解析包括香港在內的世界各地的生物之基因組序列,我們將會建成一個信息庫,並從信息庫中為目前人類社會所面臨的多種問題尋找解決方案。研究中所破譯生物的基因組序列將會大有作為:我們不但可從中認識到生物多樣性在氣候變化環境下所受之影響、對瀕危生物保育之作用、與生態系統功能間之關係,還可將所發掘到的生物學知識應用於科技創造中,推動人類社會的發展和創新,構建一個可持續的未來。本研究具有重要的科學意義和社會價值。


*** 每一個回答都將提升本項目的表現!***

    1. What species in Hong Kong you would endorse for whole genome sequencing?
    If you are not able to name the species, you can type in ‘NA’ and upload a photo below. (required)
    1. 你將推薦哪些香港的物種進行全基因組測序?

    2. Where have you seen this organism in Hong Kong? (required)
    2. 您在香港何處見過此生物?(必填)